How To Tell If Your Poached Eggs Are Cooked

Regardless of how you like your eggs - soft, medium or hard poached, here are simple tips to know when your poached eggs are cooked.

My easy to follow tutorial will teach you to get perfectly poached eggs almost every time.

Why I said, “almost every time” and not “every time” is because one of the biggest factors in getting the eggs right is the freshness of the eggs. The fresher, the better!

To get slightly technical here, this is specifically, because there is a loss of structural integrity in the ovalbumin (egg white) over time as the eggs lose its freshness. This is due to a breakdown in protein, and therefore the egg yolk is unable to be held in suspension.

Other factors also can include using gentle simmering water, because rapidly boiling your water can cause the detachment of the yolk from the ovalbumin.

On any busy breakfast shift, I can cook 8 to 14 dozen eggs; personally, I can tell you that this is so many eggs to get out in a reasonable amount of time.

Poached eggs can take around a minute and a half to 7 minutes depending on how soft or hard you like your eggs. Clock watching or setting a timer is unpractical on larger quantities of eggs.

During busy times, I mainly rely on visual and textural cues of the poached eggs to tell if they are cooked. Quite simply, these visual and textural cues take out all guesswork.

The skill to spot textual and visual cues is very easy to master if you know what you are looking out for, whether you are cooking a single portion or large portion for friends and family - understanding what you are looking for will make you a better cook.

In my easy to follow video, I will put two poached eggs side by side and show you what to look for, and you will think, is this it? And yes, that is it, very simple.

On a personal note!

Always remember that our ability to taste is not only a survival trait but a wonderful gift of nature.
Bon Appétit and have fun!

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